Heal your body, mind, emotions & soul in a safe environment. 

I will guide you into your wholeness through Shamanic Coaching,  Spirit Journeying, clairvoyant channeling, pranic breathwork, soul retrieval, divination & meditation.

Find clarity, balance, peace & joy as you release the blocks that stand in your way.

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 me at

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Transformational healing, coaching & classes

Relationships and Yoga


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Hi I'm Beatris, the creatrix of Relationships and Yoga!

I am a Healer, Teacher, Writer, Coach and Environmental Scientist.  

I have a Shamanic style that weaves spirituality with science, connecting many different modalities to bring wholeness and healing to my clients and students.

I believe that our relationships with our bodies, our work, our families, the world, Spirit and Mother Nature create our reality.  These relationships are designed to expand us and to guide us into our highest truth!  It all begins with awareness and understanding. 

Your most important relationship is the one with yourself.

Beatris offers coaching healing session, workshops and yoga classes that help you heal your relationship with yourself and your world.

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