Dates:   Saturday Mornings 4/10, 4/24, 5/1, 5/15, 5/29 & 6/12 of 2021
Time:    10:30am - 12:00pm

Cost:     $190 for the entire course (6 classes, video teaching & guidebook)

Venmo: @Beatris-K  

Audio recordings will be provided for all classes. 

Participation in person is encouraged, but not required. 

To register, email by 4/7/2021.  

  • ​Ignite your inner truth & spiritual wisdom 
  • Relieve stress, anxiety, trauma, depression & guilt
  • Break through any blockage & create wholeness
  • Bring healing & balance to your mind, body & soul
  • Awaken unconditional self-love
  • Magnify your spiritual growth
  • Increase your joy, vitality, energy & inner peace
  • Help you understand your true purpose
  • Help you have more self-confidence
  • Help you have better relationships


BLOG: Unlock Your Inner Light & Become Whole

My heart tightened, my body tensed and it became hard to breathe. I sensed an old trauma pattern sneaking in, taking over.  But, I saw it.  I’m always watching now.  My awareness has become like a beacon of light, shining, sensing, awake, turned on.

I reached in deep with my breath and my awareness.  All the way in, where my self-compassion and unconditional self-love are always present now, warm and ready to heal anything that comes up.  The soothing, comforting energy of my heart wisdom hugged me from the inside and I felt peace, joy and satisfying pleasure.  I was home. I was whole.  Healing came naturally.  

“That was easy”, I smiled!

We all have something that yearns to be healed.  This world we live in can be relentless.  But, there is a difference in being healed and being whole.  Being healed usually means the disease or problem is gone, but being made whole means not only is the problem gone, but there is a perfect integration between all of our parts, physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual.  Wholeness is about a loving, trusting union between our head and heart, where there is no self-judgement or condemnation.  It is about having complete trust in the higher self and giving up resistance to our inner guidance and wisdom.

When I started to awaken, I began to notice that my ego had an adversarial, untrusting relationship with my spirit.  I started to become aware of an inner war, my ego fighting my spirit, that looked like self-blame, self-judgment and even self-destruction.  When I felt like I had failed, or was judged by others, criticized or triggered in any way, my ego threw me into survival mode and cut off my connection to spirit guidance.  I didn’t even know that this pattern was keeping my inner light locked up.

Then, I started to become aware that most of us living in this society are stuck in survival mode most of the time.  A lot of us don’t even know it.  We end up feeling stressed out, anxious, overwhelmed, defensive and exhausted.  That’s because our nervous systems have been set up for the purpose of survival, not for spirit guidance or thriving or flourishing bliss.  

But, it doesn’t have to be this way!  

Our nervous systems have neuroplasticity, which is designed to adapt and transform our habitual patterns and reactions, and even heal traumatic injuries!  I am speaking not just from my scientific research, but from personal experience.  I have transformed many of my mental and emotional patterns, as well as healed a lot of anxiety and trauma.  

How to do this?

Well, the first step is upgrading your awareness.  Most of us still don’t even know when we are tense and stressed, we may not even be aware that we have fallen into self-blame and self-judgment.  And if we do become aware, as a survival mechanism, our negativity can turn outward and project at others, blaming and judging them for our suffering.  We may even think that blaming other people or our circumstances is normal. This is the human condition at its best.  

Can you relate to this?

Well, if this has been happening to you, it’s not your fault. You had no control over this.

Understanding our human condition is key and it comes through awareness.  Self-awareness is the most important habit you can cultivate.  If we can become aware of our survival instincts and accept our human condition, then our judgment and blame will disappear, because our ego will feel safe again. And when the ego feels safe, we can access our spirit, our wiser self, and move from our head into our hearts.

Move beyond this world of duality into the wisdom and magic of the heart. 

As our head-mind begins to trust our heart-mind and surrenders to it, we begin to experience wholeness and thriving.  We may even start to feel like nothing needs healing anymore, because all of our parts operate in synchronized union.  The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual repair and restoration happens naturally, automatically and effortlessly.  Our inner light is unlocked and our entire being flourishes and heals when we rest in our heart space.

When we feel whole there is nothing left to mend.  There is complete acceptance, full embrace and even appreciation of ourselves just the way we are.  As unconditional love radiates from our spirit, it becomes the inner light that glues our compartmentalized parts back together again.  We enter a state of complete bliss and peaceful joy.  

We feel peace.

We are home.

We are whole.