Embody the Goddess



​Join me for an afternoon filled with sacred movement, healing wisdom and a magical Shamanic Journey in a safe and nurturing environment.

Regain your self-confidence and deepen your knowledge of Women’s Medicine and Magic. Learn to use your Feminine Power to heal yourself, your partner and the world.

Evolve Together

Coming again soon

This class will empower you whether you are single, in a partnership, gay, straight, or just someone who wants a better relationship with yourself, your family and your friends.

Create more connection and intimacy.  Revive and uplift your relationship.Take back your power.

Class format includes yoga, meditation, discussion, practice exercises and Q&A.

TO REGISTER:   Email BeatrisHeals@gmail.com         

Relationships and Yoga


​Join us for an afternoon filled with healing wisdom, meditation, sacred movement and a magical Shamanic Healing Journey in a safe and nurturing environment.

Email Beatris at BeatrisHeals@gmail.com

Healing Session

For your body, mind, emotions and soul


​Heal your body, mind, and emotional trauma in a safe environment. Release, clarify and receive spiritual guidance that will align you with your inner truth and joy.

Beatris will help you find wholeness with Spiritual Guidance, Clairvoyant Divination, Soul Retrieval... 

To schedule an appointment email  BeatrisHeals@gmail.com

Please, include "HEALING SESSION" in the Subject line.

Five Steps to Manifesting Your Desires



Align with the creative forces of the Universe and attract health, wealth, happiness, love, harmony and anything else that you desire.

Discover the SECRETS to achieving any goal with ease, fun and effortlessness.

Go on a Shamanic Healing Journey and release your blocks to reaching your goals and attracting your dreams.

All that you desire is waiting for you!



Beatris has been teaching yoga and meditation classes since 2002.  All of the classes that she teaches integrate her  Radiant Heart Meditation Certification, her Yin and Kundalini Yoga Certifications, her Shamanic Practitioner and Healer Certifications, her years of experience as a spiritual leader and scientist and her love for dancing, breath-work and chanting.

To find out about the latest classes that Beatris is teaching now please email her at BeatrisHeals@gmail.com

 What women say about Beatris' Goddess Workshops:

  • "It brought me into balance and awareness with my heart space and I released the pain I was holding. I'm also more gentle with myself." Leiya Simonic

  • "I loved the group work, meditations, movement, dancing, shamanic drumming, Goddess activation and the sacred space created."  Megan Lemurian

  • "It was fun, inspiring, friendly, safe and gave me great new insights into how to connect to my own intuition and inner goddess." Mariana Stern

  • "I felt my heart open and expand... My heart filled with the goddess within.  Thank you." Alaura Wong

  • "I loved everything...the tone, the instructor, the knowledge, the goddess I've awoken."  D. Martinez

  • "I loved the secrets, the radiance lessons and the feminine meditation."  Amy Hesterly

  • "This was an empowering, deeply emotional experience.  It will take me some time to fully digest the experience and all the information that Beatris so lovingly shared.  Just amazing - will do again." Jan Hunt

  • "I loved the power created between all of us during the Shamanic Breathing and the oneness and connectivity I felt with the other women... And the light I feel shining inside myself after the class." Sara Achterhof

  • "I loved the design/structure within the flow, practical tools, openness and safe space." Patille Violeta"Everything you say touches my heart in such a way where it begins to heal parts of me I didn't know it needed.  Basically, it awakened me.  Thank you!" Lizzie Luna


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